In October 2023, the band released the album Waves, which has been very well received. 

"Great and monumental music" "Fantastic soundscape" 
Ingrid Kindem, former Chair of TONO and NOPA

"I was not prepared for the range of musical talent and rollercoaster of emotions that I went on!. This album contains something for every type of music lover no matter what genre you prefer. von Krogh is most definitely on their way to stardom and I can't wait to see what they put out next." -

The album is produced by Bjarne Stensli, Bjarne Stensli Sound Production AS (a-ha, Astrid S, Sivert Høyem, Emma Steinbakken, Julie Bergan, Fay Wildhagen, Gabrielle, Emilie Nicolae and others)

Participating musicians: Elias von Krogh (vocals & guitar), Adrian Michelsen (guitar), Aadne Salen Sandvik (piano / keys), Rino Johannessen (bassDream Police, playd with Steven Tyler, Seal, Colbie Calliat and others), Ole Petter Hansen Chylie (percussion, Lava, Dream Police, Ingrid Bjørnhov and others), Even Ormestad (bass, Jaga Jazzist and others), Erland Dahlen (percussion, Madrugada and others).