von Krogh

von Krogh is an Oslo-based band, originating from Fredrikstad, within the genre of alternative rock / pop.

The band's sound is an exciting collection of genres stitched together into von Krogh's own expression. Inspiration is taken from artists such as Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, ELO, Muse, Queen, Thomas Dybdahl, Tom Odell, the late Norwegian artist Tommy Tokyo among others.

von Krogh describes themselves as a "bipolar band", writing about everything from the darkest valleys to brightest peaks that everyone has to work their way through during life. The five musicians in the band combine their influences to create a varied, sensitive and classical sound, with large choirs and powerful moments. The band was started by Elias von Krogh and Adrian Michelsen in 2019, and with bassist Philip Mjaatvedt, pianist Aadne Salen Sandvik and drummer Filip Blindheim, the band guarantees evenings where emotions in all parts of the spectrum come to the fore!

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Booking:            morten@vonkroghmusic.no

Phone:                  +47 90018614 



Elias G von Krogh
Creative ( music & lyrics)
Vocal & guitar

Aadne Salen Sandvik
Piano / keys

Adrian Michelsen

Philip Mjaatvedt

Filip Kristoffer Blindheim
Percussion / drums
Technical liason

Morten von Krogh

Tlf 900 18 614

Karstensens vei 13 , N-1617 Fredrikstad, Norway


Phone number
+47 90018614